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Collar made of Biothane Beta material in combination of two colors suitable for breeds such as Whippet, Greyhound ...

Buckles are metal / burst load is up to 250kg.

The wide part of the collar is 5cm, the width of the edges is 2.5cm.

This collar is available in the sizes listed below.

Please contact us for another size.


S - 27-31cm

M - 30 - 34cm

L - 33-37cm

XL - 36-40cm



Benefits of Biothane Beta

- very durable
- Easy to clean
- waterproof
- resistant to fungi and bacteria
- high quality
- skin appearance with all its advantages
- weather and abrasion resistant


When placing an order, it is necessary to mark both colors.





Whippet Duo

Farba kraje
Farba stredná časť: Čierna
  • Biothan processing ensures that the material does not rub, stretch, absorb odors or moisture, and is 100% resistant to fungi and bacteria.

    This makes it easy to remove dirt such as dust or mud with water while retaining its color and all its unique properties.
    Compared to conventional polypropylene straps are characterized by much greater resistance, where the breaking load is up to 180 kg.

    Waterproof products are not recommended for use in seawater due to metal parts that may become rusty due to salt water.

  • We send within two days of the payment being credited to your account via Slovak Post by registered mail.

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